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Home » China Tells Evergrande to Avoid Bond Default financial news

China Tells Evergrande to Avoid Bond Default financial news

Sep.23 — Regulators told embattled developer China Evergrande Group to focus on completing unfinished properties and repaying individual investors while avoiding a near-term default on dollar bonds. Stephen Engle reports on “Bloomberg Daybreak: Australia.” .

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China Tells Evergrande to Avoid Bond Default

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China Tells Evergrande to Avoid Bond Default
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42 thoughts on “China Tells Evergrande to Avoid Bond Default financial news”

  1. Westerners are so jealous of china so they keep making fake news
    People who are not stupid know that China always the best country, Rising above own score. No other nation can be matched. You must respect and obey the most glorious nation China or else there will be consequences. I am so proud to be a Chinese. We Chinese are the smartest, strongest and greatest race

  2. Get this to evergrande in China. There is a Henderson development in Nevada and one in Hong Kong the one in Nevada America is runner by blacks and Mexicans I think the companias have gotten their wires crossed in Nevada.with the one in China .

  3. People: "Evergrande has problems, but Evergrande is not going to start a financial crisis."
    Meanwhile China: Asks governments to prep for Evergrand downfall.
    China to Evergrande: "Don't default."
    Meanwhile Evergrande: Defaults.

  4. Hmm… Show discussing EV delivery to get income. An assembly plant has not been built or even started. That takes considerable time. Money is flexible, time always moves on, regardless!

  5. while back, I heard there was a flu virus in wuhan china & I asked myself how it would matter to the US… I have now heard about a real estate developer bankruptcy in China and ask myself….

  6. Here come the repo men! They will tear every vending machine, oven, shelf, aluminum decal, computer, spare building and auction it off and if they can't they will sell it as scrap! They will knoch the whole building down and sell the concrete as filler and the steel to developing countries!

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  8. Evergrande is going to default soon they hv huge debt due this year n if china government will help to evergrande maybe China face huge down growth n impact of China gdp.. so it will start evergrande will default in few days n globally market will crash soon.

  9. China fears social unrest. Because social unrest leads to popular uprising n revolt then government over throw with govmnt leaders hanging at the end of the rope.

    Remember, when normal people have nothing then all they have left is PURPOSE.

    Opening fire gunning down on normal Chinese people has been done on June 4th, 1989.

    Do it again? The people will rise up n kick ass with the fiercest vengeance.

    CCP, you should not have had “foreign envy” by adopting a non-Chinese (Germanic) governing philosophy.

    With all that money n technology the CCP is still a feudal system; Xi Jingpin is an emperor. Don’t talk to me because i don’t care. Try explaining it to the 1.6 billion angry Chinese when CCP only has 60million rounds of bullets.

  10. Is it true that ceo has received $30 billion in comp in the last 10 years? I was told by a Chinese associate…that would make a lot of interest payments. Maybe have to sell him homes in California and New York?

  11. You have contacted the PBC, please press 1 for default. Please press 2 for No default. Hold for other options an operator will be with you soon. Your credit is important to us.

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