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Home » Property Investment for Beginners AUSTRALIA (Guide to Buying a Rental Property) financial investment for beginners

Property Investment for Beginners AUSTRALIA (Guide to Buying a Rental Property) financial investment for beginners

Property investment for beginners in Australia, can leave you overwhelmed by conflicting tips, steps or guides on how to start a rental property portfolio. I will go …

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Property Investment for Beginners AUSTRALIA (Guide to Buying a Rental Property)

Property Investment for Beginners AUSTRALIA (Guide to Buying a Rental Property)

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Property Investment for Beginners AUSTRALIA (Guide to Buying a Rental Property)
financial investment for beginners
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44 thoughts on “Property Investment for Beginners AUSTRALIA (Guide to Buying a Rental Property) financial investment for beginners”

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  3. Great video. Though I was a newbie, I made my first million investing with a broker from a reputable firm . forex needs your time and if you wish to pay attention to other things in your life I advice you invest with a licensed broker/expert, Thanks to Mrs. Rafaella Martinez she is the best .

  4. Just do cash in hand rent, transfer a property into a retired parents name while you work full time to avoid tax. Kent cliffe don't use the word smart

  5. This is amazing Kent.
    I have been watching many property investment both passive and active advise for many many years. You are by far the best. You give actual tangible details instead of just generic high level stuff.
    A video on how to find properties for undervalued, growth and cash flow using different datasets will be great .

  6. Boi you are spitting knowledge off the brain without even thinking. Clearly know your stuff. I am going to watch the next video to create a property portfolio plan and strategy. If I could offer advice I would say, keep ensuring your videos end with clear TO-DO's. People are simple and when they finish the video they will look blankly at the end screen and think "… so now what…?" Maybe even make a digital checklist they can download for free with step 1. contact advisor step 2. speak to broker etc.

    Also, keep the word 'Australia' in your video titles as all of us in Australia need advice that is not to be confused with the US. I only just found out last week that we cannot 1031 haha

  7. Hi Mate. I’ve heard there are some benefits of running your investment properties through an ABN? Could you explain if this is correct and why it is beneficial?

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  9. How about Australian BRRRR? Hi Kent, I am super happy that we Australians finally have a good Youtuber on property investment. My questions below may be a good topic for your next youtube.
    1) BRRRR property investment that works in USA/UK/Canada, may not work in Australia that we don't have 25-30yrs fix rate loan to minimize interest risk. How to offset this risk?

    2) My plan is to hold the investment property as long as I could until I retire to minimize tax OR interest rate becomes too high to be covered by rent. Should I hold all the investment properties under the company? That allows high rental return property to offset the low one.
    But properties hold by companies are harder to sell since fewer lenders are willing to lend?
    3)For having 2 small cash-flow retail businesses, should I have the fixed interest rate Or the variable one, 0.5% higher than fixed one, with offset account?
    I really appreciate your help.Thank you very much for your advice

  10. 11:35 could you just clarify here for me – what you're saying is that by never selling your initial asset, and using the equity you own in it as a deposit for asset number 2, there is no tax event, where as using positive cash flow from your initial asset to fund a deposit for asset number 2 will mean more total tax paid?

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  12. Hi Kent, I am happy to find your channel cos I am interested on investment property. I am watching your videos and learn some ways of dealing with buying property & collating infos that will help me. So thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge. Love your work and keep it up.

  13. Hi Kent, great info, much appreciated. I have a question, for someone who wants to start in property development, what is the best way for them to acquire the fundamental knowledge in property development, as you said there is information out there but there are scattered, incomplete and fueled by personal interest. I know you still have to learn a lot on the actual projects but what I am getting at is a structure to get the relevant and complete foundational information as quickly as possible. Would you say the videos on your channel would cover that to a good extent?

  14. Mate do you think buying a cheap older apartment wroth 120 to 140k and letting the rent pay it off over time is a good safe investment ¿ in Perth say maylands or vic park they have some good older apartments they look old but for what you can rent them for 200 dollars a week it almost covers the mortgage repayments so over time someone is paying off your house ¿ is it that simple

  15. Wow, it really does work. I didn’t know what property investment strategy to go for, I subscribed and now! we’re on the path to financial freedom! Thanks for the video. Can’t wait for the next!

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