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Top 5 new car technology technology car

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Gesture Control Tehnology

Self Driving car

Hyundai Augmented Reality

Car-to-X Communication

Augmented reality driving

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Top 5 new car technology

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Top 5 new car technology
technology car
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45 thoughts on “Top 5 new car technology technology car”

  1. Hi. Im wondering that how you use these video clips and they do not sue you. Is it considered fair use or you have permission? Im completely confused on copyright policy. Can we use any content in our educational videos?

  2. 3 years later.. I just built a fully autonomous vehicle and rode to starbucks for under $1000.. haha technology is insane these days! forget tesla. Here's the link! @​

  3. Hello Everyone hope you're doing great.

    I have patented Automotive safety technology integrated with A.I (Artificial Intelligence) for car and bike's.

    Can you please post it in your channel and get me touch with Automotive Manufacturers.


    Nithin srinivasa
    +91 9620419759

  4. I wonder how it navigate to potholes in traffic jams when it's stuck in and not around them I was down in Texas when they were testing a driverless Prius the same kind of freaked out and pulled alongside the shoulder and put us there long after I was gone came back around and it was still park there and that was like 3 hours later

  5. Cars have definitely evolved over the years and there are so many technologies that have evolved over the years. Coming down the line the history has experienced a number of changes in the car technology. These days you can find Rigid innovative company like a small ac compressor and dc air conditioner that provides a cooling system in confined spaces.

    Anyways, read the below. This might help.


    Sourav Basak

    Namaste UI

  6. I hate all infotainment systems, lane departure auto breaking adaptive cruise control crap, remember when cars were simple to fix and just drove you from point a to b without trying to be everything? I do and i miss it…. the more crap there is, the more expensive it is to fix, the more that can go wrong…

  7. Do you know, I have greatest car in the world?
    I was shocked, when I bought it, oooooo man, I never have to spend a penny towards gas,
    And never worry about batteries.
    And I took my car to car dealer close to me,
    I wanted to trade it in.
    All I got was laugh, as I pull out toy car which I purchased for 5 dollars. It was sports car too. Red and shiny.

  8. The volume control for the radio on EVERY vehicle needs to have it's own module. There have been many times where the on-screen display lags for about 5-12 seconds before a volume change is registered. AHEM Buick and Audi…
    Buttons that you have to press multiple times, or hold for a few seconds to change the volume is also an inconvenience. A BIG rotary knob is the best use in the automobile being less distractive. Sorry for being such a volume knob critic!

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